2022Sep25 @ Evergreens

Once again, the meteorology god smiled on us and provided ideal conditions for us to play the Evergreen at Brockton Oval in Stanley Park.  Although we were missing some players, we had 25 Twits show up for the game.  We also had ten supporters show up to cheer us on.  The Evergreen responded with 20 of their own which included 5 red shorts and one yellow shorts.  We were not to be out done as we had purple short (Jack) and two other red shorts. 

Evergreens kicked off to us and after a few minutes we were in their end and controlled the play.  Our first try came when Jack rumbled for his 10 metres and passed it to Gord, who touched it down for his first try this season.  Luke scored the next try from 40 metres out when he received a pass from Falkey.  Jacque duplicated this feat and scored from 60 metres out when he received a pass from an astute twitlighter.  Although the score was 3-0 at the end of the first quarter, both teams tackled hard and played very well.  Doug made a crushing tackle on one Evergreen and caused him to dislocate his shoulder.  To his credit, he jumped up, popped his shoulder back in and continued to play.

New to the Twits, Dustin, stole the ball in the line out to start the second quarter.   This led to another try by Dirk and I’m pretty sure he was relieved not to shoot the boot again.  Led by JR., Falkey, Mark, and Ben, we were able to stymie the Evergreen for most of the second quarter.  However, their speedy back broke free and did his Andre Degrasse impersonation down the side line and scored just before the half ended.  This made the score 5-1.  

The third quarter was highlighted by solid tackling on both sides. Rick and Al made some solid tackles but the resilient Evergreens scored their second try.   The boys (and girls) in green used their red shorts very well.  They packed the middle of the field with red shorts and prevented us from taking complete control of the game.  They also managed to control the play by passing the ball from red shorts to red shorts.  This allowed them to move the field quite quickly.   However, Falkey stole the ball and thundered 40 metres down the field.  He then deftly passed the ball to Luke who went on to score the next try.  The quarter ended when Lolly scored after receiving a pass from Ben.  The score was now 7-2.

The final quarter was more or less the same as the first three.  There was great effort displayed by both teams.  Irish, Dustin and Luke scored for us and we were able to keep them off the scoreboard.  Final score: 10-2

Coach Gary Read was pleased everyone played hard until the end and selected Dustin, Man of the Match for his sterling performance.  Jack K. received honourable mention for his contributions.  Other players that had solid games were Ben, Luke, Doug, Lolly and Eric.  It was a solid team effort.

M.O.M. Dustin Bourdeaudhuy