Tim Smith 

Tim just recently made the change to black shorts sometime during the initial pandemic lockdown.  He is not a stranger to the Twits as he has been with the club for approximately 10 years.  He was recruited by the renown hooker, Greg Gilding, during a BLRC mini rugby game.  Tim has played most #13, but has also filled in as a #12 and disastrously as a #13 for the Twits.  Lately he played fullback before Ice (Rick Berg) entered the scene and relieved him of that coveted position.  His preferred position is flank.  Tim brings a plethora of international experience to the Twilighters.  He previously played for the Merivale Club in Christchurch NZ sometime around 1980-82ish and  the Canterbury University team from 1988-91.  After that it was  strictly social rugby – no training, beer keg on sideline, one step up from beach rugby…   Off the pitch, Tim’s chosen profession is a geologist and he works in gold exploration.  His comments on his biographical survey were so articulate / eloquent, it had to be present in its unedited form.

Tim Smith’s Rugby Achievements / Aspirations/Etc.

Rugby Achievements:  As in actual bonafide rugby achievements? fuck all.  But I may as well use this opportunity to address the three or four tries scored over the years never credited by Dave Irving in his weekly write up, just saying.  Most memorable moment with Twits so far:  away at Nanaimo, try scored off the much maligned ‘chip and chase’, predictably to a chorus of boos from my own team mates, but perhaps eventually followed by some grudging praise, maybe. 

Aspirations:  Kick the ball more often!   Ha ha, just kidding….   I just want to make all my tackles, try to remember the backline playbook and generally just try to hang around somewhere off Lance’s shoulder and maybe pick up some scraps.  Oh, and go on tour somewhere, anywhere, then finally retire to something more leisurely like triathlon and back-country skiing.  

Luke & Tim (R)

2022 No Hands Award