Wade Sandberg

Wade is one of our lifetime members. In order to achieve this status, he had to purchase a brick when the original clubhouse was being built. Amazingly he still wears black shorts when he plays, but he also realizes that one day he will have to don the brilliant red ones. During Wade’s 22 years with the Twits, he played mostly with the backs. Prior to that, he played with the Burnaby Buffaloes. He is living the dream as he is currently and comfortably retired. One of his claims to fame is that his jersey scored four tries in a game. Being the team player that he is, he loaned his jersey to two separate players while he was waiting for Peewee to sub him into the game. In that brief span of time, his jersey scored 3 times and moments later, the jersey scored again. Who knows how many tries Wade could have scored if he was in that jersey. Regardless of who scores the tries, Wade is just happy to be out doing what he loves with a fantastic group of guys (and gals).

Wade, a Twit for life.