2024Mar17 v Ebbtide RFC

A sunny spring day at Burnaby Lake, 15C too hot for many, not a cloud in the sky except for the cloud of unknown squad size. The Twilighters were light on bodies due to injuries, the start of Spring Break for some, and a large handful in Japan with the CRMU, and resorting to some old comrades to make 15. This left Coach PeeWee with fears, as Ebbtide crushed the Twilighter this past November.

Twilighters kicked off the game by receiving the ball, and slow marched to the Ebbtide’s 22. Ball handling error resulted in Ebbtide quickly make their way to Twits 22 and into touch for a Lineout. Ball came off the top of the lineout into Ebbtide hands, culminating in an Ebbtide try (0-1).

Despite a skeleton squad, and no-push scrums for the Twilighters, scrappy play continued on both sides. Emerging out of a ruck, Luke scrambled to a wing sprint from half for a try (1-1), and ending the first quarter.

The second quarter continued in the same fashion, ball handling errors and bad tackles. A couple of good phases by Twits, which saw Laura pick up a ball from a broken ruck 5m from the touchline, get tackled and pop the ball to Lauren for a 25meter sprint for another Twits try (2-1) bringing it to Half-time and a much needed hydration break.

The second half started with a quick break away try by Ebbtide in just 3 phases (2-2). The Twilighters’ ball handling issues continued, with a clear line pass directly at Ebbtide, walking in for another Try (2-3). Twilighters efforts to make any sizable runs down the middle of the field was stifled by a single yellow shorted past-Twilighter President Murk playing with Ebbtide.

The forth quarter saw the return of a wiley veteran from the touchline. Several good phases were put together for the Twits pushing into the Ebbtide 5m. In an ensuing ruck, the ball swung out to Fast-Footed Fizzle for a clear run for a try in the corner, however Fizzle was to fast for his own good and ran out the back of the field leading to a goaline dropout.

Fortunately the kick was handled well and drove to try line. Ebbtide fended off the Twits with multiple goaline stands. Ultimately Twits prevailed with punch thru by Laura for a try (3-3).

With both teams looking for a win, play continued to be scrappy. Twits resilience pushed Ebbtide back to their end, and a Try from Laura for her second of the match (4-3). Ebbtide determined for another Try quickly put Twits into 5m territory, but only for time to expire

4-3 Final for the Twits win with a slim squad.

Twits MOM help from Justice (Jordan and Craig).
Players of the Match: Luke Barlow (Twilighter) & Don Swainson (Ebbtide)