2023Dec03 v Nookie Woods

Timing being all important last Sunday’s match found itself tucked between atmospheric rivers with a noon kick off. The mid-island boys from Nookie Wood braved the trip over for a well balanced match.
Two quick Twits injuries started the game taking out Fernando and Ted. Undaunted the home side opened scoring with a 40m carry by Jeke. Lots of back and forth play continued with ball handling by both side being the big challenge

Second quarter saw the Twits pinned in their end by Nookie forwards. We found some good connections to battle out of our 22m when Jeke scooped a pass from Steve and carried to another try. Play restarted with Nookie kicking off to our 22 for a line-out. Nookie used this to win the throw in and put together some good phases helped by a missed tackle or two to put them on the board
Score at half Twits 2 Nookie 1

A switch at half time saw both sides agree on uncontested scrums. Shortly after kick off Nookie’s flanker made a tackle trying to stop Jeke that resulted in a lower limb injury to himself. Shortly after Preston nabbed a loose ball and dipped and dodged his way in from 25m to score. Undaunted by injuries and changes in line up Nookie put together 4-5 phases to put the egg down In Twits end.

Not to outdone Rick and the back line answered back with a quick and lovely try off the restart.
The last quarter saw both sides fighting for position and open space. Patterson nabbed an intercept off a floating Nookie pass handing off to Jeke for his hat-trick try to end the match.
Final – Twits 5 Nookie 2

Twits Player of Match – Mike Kajander
Game POMs Backs – Jeke Forwards – Irish