Lance Davison

Lance Davison, who self-titles as “Rance” or “Raging Lance,” embarked on his rugby journey amidst the vibrant landscapes of Zimbabwe. It was there, in his formative years, that he first fell in love with the game, setting the stage for a remarkable sporting career.

In 2014, Lance became an integral part of the Twilighters, a team that would not only shape his playing style but also instill in him a profound appreciation for teamwork and camaraderie among the aged athletes. The memories and experiences garnered from his time with the Twilighters became the cornerstone of this rugby legend. One standout moment in Lance’s illustrious career with the Twilighters was a memorable encounter with the legendary Waisale Serevi. Though it resulted in an unforgettable stiff arm, this encounter only stoked Lance’s determination to excel further in the sport he holds dear.

Expanding his horizons, Lance’s influence on the field extended to playing with Richmond RFC, where he showcased his prowess in the demanding realm of 3rd division of BC Rugby. His contribution to the Semiahmoo Old Boys further solidified his status as a cornerstone player, offering valuable experience to an already seasoned team. Additionally, Lance’s dedication and passion for the sport led him to become an indispensable asset to the Flatliners RFC, elevating the team’s performance to new heights.

Yet, Lance’s sporting prowess doesn’t stop at Rugby Union. He’s also demonstrated his exceptional abilities in Australian Football, a testament to his versatility as an athlete.

When not donning the rugby jersey, Lance channels his dedication and energy towards serving as a Senior Response Officer with the Canadian Coast Guard. This dual commitment to both the sport he loves and the safety of his community exemplifies Lance’s unwavering sense of duty.