2023Oct22 v Semiahmoo Old Boys

From the desk of Moose and Ray.

The first leg of the Narod Memorial Cup was played at home after a scheduling change. The annual aggregate commemorates Doc Narod and George Cook, the founding fathers of both Twilighter and Semiahmoo Rugby Clubs.

Even though it looked like rain, the inclement weather held off and we were able to play in almost ideal conditions. Both teams came out in full force. The SOBs had close to twenty players while we countered with twenty-five of our own. Prior to the start of the game, Ted M. was on the unable to participate, while Moose was still recovering from his shoulder injury. Dustin B. graciously agreed to referee the game and we were off.

Twits kicked the ball off to the SOBs and were able to pin them in their own end. The SOBs decide to emulate the recent world cup teams and opted for a kicking game. This was to be their main plan of attack. Fortunately your Twilighters were able to counter with great running game courtesy of Luke, Fizzle, Jeke, and Preston.

The SOBs continued to include kicking as an important part of their strategy but great defence by Lolly, Lauren, Trevor and the rest of the forwards ensured that we kept pressure on them. We were fortunate to keep them off the scoreboard even when they controlled closed to 80% of the play.

There was no scoring in the second quarter and we headed into halftime 4-0 for Twilighters.

During the third quarter, the defences on both teams stiffened. The SOBs continued their kicking game and were able to recover the ball on our twenty-two-metre line. Once again, the Twit defence rose to the occasion and stopped them from scoring. The momentum of the game was like a pendulum, each team was able to advance to the oppositions’ twenty-two metre line but because of timely defensive maneuvers, neither team was able to score. Terry, their Evergreen guest, was cut on his forehead and required medical attention. Near the end of the quarter the SOBs caught us by surprise by kicking the ball over our last defender’s head. It was a close footrace for the ball in the end-zone. Unfortunately, aTwit defender, who shall remain nameless, clipped him from behind and sent the SOB flying. Dustin, the referee, wisely awarded a penalty try to the SOBs. Close to the end of the third quarter, Luke was tackled by three burley Sobs. It did not look good; Luke was down for close to five minutes. Fortunately, Handball and our trainer Isaiah were able to tend to his needs and get him to the sideline in one piece.

The SOBs started the fourth quarter like gangbusters. They had a two on one break down our wing, but Lauren our feisty winger was able to stop them from scoring . On the ensuing scrum, Lance, playing for SOBs, received the ball on the twenty-two-metre line and broke several tackles to reach the end-zone. Before he could ground the ball, Gord and some of the other Twits were able to wrap both of Lance’s arms and held him up. No try.

Final score: Twits 6 SOB’s 1

The game was a lot closer than the score indicated. Both teams played hard until the final whistle and both teams had the potential to score from any where on the field. Nevertheless, Coach Peewee was ecstatic with everyone’s effort. Luke’s injury during the third quarter didn’t look so bad after the game as he recovered enough to wear the MOM belt he was awarded. The Prince of Rugby, Steve Bal, was recognized as the MOM by the SOB’s. The fabulous hosting meal of shawarma chicken and jack fruit with all the fixings was prepared by Evan, Kristine and their crew. Great job everybody.