Laura Harmse


Originating from South Africa, Laura, affectionately known as “Lolly,” brought her passion for rugby to Canada in 1987. Her illustrious career as a player began in 1994, with her crowning moment arriving in 2004, when she secured a gold medal at the Canadian Rugby National Championships.

Throughout her illustrious career, Laura secured an impressive tally of nine(9) BC Premier Women’s Championships, a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence and the high standards she set for herself and her team. Among her cherished possessions are three(3) belt buckles earned in Williams Lake, serving as glittering tokens of her numerous triumphs on the field.

One of Lolly’s most revered accomplishments came in 2009 when she, alongside the Burnaby Lake Women’s Team, achieved the extraordinary feat of defeating the Japanese Women’s National Team. This victory not only showcased her tenacity and leadership but also resulted in her and the team’s induction into the prestigious Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame in 2019.

Laura is rounding out her career playing with the Twilighters since 2019 in the backrow.