Steve Bal

Steve’s rugby journey began in grade 8 at Vancouver Tech High School, where a memorable introduction involved a collision with his coach that left Steve with a fractured face. Undaunted, Steve’s passion for the sport only grew stronger, leading him to play through grade 11.

Post-high school, Steve transitioned to soccer for several years before rediscovering his love for rugby, finding a home with the Brit Lions. His exceptional skills garnered attention, particularly for over 40s rugby, and he was selected as the first overall pick by the relatively unknown Twilighter RFC. Since joining, Steve has been an integral part of a team that has clinched victory in every championship game he’s played. With pride, Steve notes, “I’ve had the incredible fortune of spending three decades with the Twits, ultimately earning my coveted red shorts.”

Beyond the field, Steve cherishes how rugby has been a passport to breathtaking destinations, a means to forge meaningful connections with remarkable individuals, and an opportunity to share the game with extraordinary teammates.

One of Steve’s most cherished moments came when he was bestowed with the rock award from the Twilighters, a recognition he modestly attributes to the award’s accessible nature.

Outside of rugby, Steve aspires to spend ample time on the golf course, nurturing a dream to one day achieve the impressive feat of shooting his age, a milestone he anticipates reaching at the youthful age of 92. He jests that he’ll rely on a sharp memory to recall the occasion.

Twilighter Man of the Match: 1
Man of the Match: 1
Ollie Barney Memorial Award