2023Apr23 v Snocaps RFC

There is an old adage in sports: Despite all your successes during the past few seasons, there is always a team that is better than you. They may be younger, fitter, more experienced or just luckier. That team, the Snocaps, showed up on Sunday at Klahanie Park. The Snocaps’ numbers were bolstered by some additions from the Evergreen and had thirty players ready to go. We countered with 22 of our own, although several were just released from the IR list.

The match started when we kicked off to the Snocaps on their slightly(?) muddy field. Being the experienced team that they are, they quickly put 6-7 phases together and controlled the first 8 minutes of the game. Our defence held and they finally turned the ball over on a knock on. Jeke scored a 30m try off the ensuing scrum to put us up by one. Unfortunately, that would be our only lead of the game. We had another opportunity to score when we were on their 22m line, but they stole the ball off a line out and raced down the sideline. Our feisty winger, Lauren, tackled him on our 20 m line and saved a try. Despite all our efforts they scored to tie the score at 1-1’s just before the end of the quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Luke had an amazing 50 m run, but was stopped just short of the touchline. Shortly after that, the Snocaps’ superior numbers and experience began to take over the game.. Even though Luke, Mike K. and Jeke made numerous try saving tackles, we were unable to keep them off the scoreboard. Their speedy backs led by their outside centre, did the most damage. Several of their tries started in their own end and they were relentless. However, just before the end of the half, we were knocking on their door for 5-6 phases. Irish kept pounding the rock and got down to the 3 m line on several occasions. Unfortunately, we could not punch it in and the quarter ended. The score at the half was Snocaps 4 and Twilighters 1

The second half was a mirror image of the first. The Snocaps maintained control of the ball, but we did not back down. Moose and Ted continued to punish their defence with their bone jarring ball carrying. Rick, playing fullback, saved several tries by making last minute stops. We made it to their 15m line, but their disciplined defence kept us from crossing the touchline. The final score was Snocaps 8 and Twilighters 1.

It may not have been our best game, but full credit to the Snocaps. They played inspired defence and were relentless on offence. They played rugby the way it should be played. Mike Kajander was the Twits’ Man of the Match and Eric (Moose) was selected by the Snocaps as MOM. The refereeing was excellent and we certainly enjoyed their pasta dinner at the hosting. (It was almost as good as Gord’s spaghetti and meatball dinner)