2023Mar26 @SOB

For the first time in three weeks, we did not have to travel 4 hours to play our game. However, we still had to head south to White Rock to play the SOB’s at the South Surrey Athletic Park. It was an honour to visit the SOB’s as we would be one of the first clubs to christen their new clubhouse. Half an hour prior to the kick-off we had close to 20 players. Rob Rumley joined us shortly and Cory T. made it 5 minutes after the kick off. We had 3 red shorts and Handball, Dale, Rick, Newf, Malcolm and Ray were on the IR list. Bolstered by veterans Glen Beauchamp, Jack Kawaguichi and a few others on the sideline, the Twits took to the field. The SOB’s numbers swelled to about 26 by kick off and they had two red and one yellow shorts.

The Twits kicked off and held them defensively for the first few phases. TJ made some solid tackles to keep them at bay. However, the SOB’s are a very experienced and disciplined side. They put several phases together and Lance picked a channel and sprinted 40m to score the games first try. Despite being scored upon first, the Twits maintained their composure and held their ground. Minutes later, the SOB’s were penalized and off the ensuing play, the ball was pitched to Fizzle (Brendan). He did a great imitation of a roadrunner and outraced everyone into the endzone from 60m out and tied the score at one. The Twit’s elation was short lived as Lance scored his second try after receiving the ball from a lineout. Jeke made some great tackles and prevented the SOB’s from scoring again in the first quarter. Score at the end of the 1st quarter, SOB’s 2 Twits’ 1

At the beginning of the second quarter, Luke broke off a 60 m run and scored the Twits’ second try. This did not deter the SOB’s, as they continued to follow their game plan and moved slowly down the field. Their forwards mauled the ball expertly and made good progress. Both sides dug their heels in and would not surrender a metre. Jamie L. controlled the flow of play quite well as he distributed the ball like Patrick Mahomes in the last Super Bowl. On one occasion, Jamie flipped the ball to Luke who then pitched it to Jeke. Jeke did the rest as he dodged tackles and darted into the endzone for his first try. The SOB’s answered the bell as they scored once again to tie the game. The score at the end of the second quarter: SOB’s 3 – Twits 3. Moose had an outstanding first half and he made numerous stops and fielded the ball perfectly on several SOB’s kickoffs.

The SOB’s started the 3rd quarter with guns blazing. They put 5 phases together and marched out of their end of the field. They kicked to touch off a penalty and had a lineout at the Twits’ 5 m line. On the ensuing maul, they crept closer to the Twits’ endzone and were just stopped short. The SOB’s were determined to break the tie but lost the ball because of a penalty. The Twits then kicked to touch, but the SOB’s continued their dominance and were in scoring range again. They must have hemmed the Twits in their own end of the field for at least 10 minutes. The Twits finally regained the ball and pitched it out down the line. The ball landed in Jeke’s hands and he raced 70 m down the field to break the tie. This must have broken the SOB’s concentration. Near the end of the quarter, the Twits kicked the ball into the endzone. Instead of downing the ball, the SOB’s kicked the ball out of bounds at their 10m to end the third quarter. The score was now SOB’s 3 – Twits 4.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Twits were in a prime position to increase their lead as they had a penalty at the SOB’s 5 m line. Instead of passing the ball to Ted, Irish took the ball and pounded it to the one m line but was held up. The SOB’s defence took over and the Twits eventually lost the ball after several more attempts. One of their players, not Lance, raced around the end and down the sideline. Fortunately, Fizzle, the Roadrunner, tackled him after a 40 m run and saved a try. The SOB’s still maintained control of the ball, but after a knock on, the Twits were given the scrum. Cory caught them creeping up and kicked the ball down the field. With only one man back, Gord raced him to the ball. Gord outran him to the ball but was unable to pick it up, so he dribbled the ball (soccer style) into the endzone. They were still jostling for position as both players tried to dive on to the ball. With both players on the ground, Gord used his long right arm of the law and exerted just enough downward pressure on the bouncing ball. That was enough to give the Twits their 5th try. This took the wind completely out of the SOB’s sail. In the final 5 minutes Jeke scored his 3rd try and Luke scored a try of his own. Final score: Twits 7 – SOB’s 3

The score may indicate a one-sided game, but it was anything but that. The SOB’s are a very competitive side and could score at the drop of a hat. No lead was safe and the game was a lot closer than the score indicated, but the Twits did earn the W. With the win, the Twits retained the Narod Cup for another year. Anthony was named MOM by the SOB’s and Gord was named Twit of the Match. Congratulations to everyone for a hard-fought game.

Match Video evidence

Lord Gord, TWIT MOM
Victors of the Narod Cup