Lauren Lofano

Lauren is one of the newest players to don the blue and white jersey for the Twilighters. This is not only her first year, but her first year in playing rugby as well. Despite being a neophyte, you can see her whizzing around the pitch in her red shorts. She uses her speed as an advantage when she plays wing for the Twits. Lauren may be new to rugby, but she has dabbled in athletics all her life. In fact, her resume includes activities that no other Twit can match. In high school she rode motocross and was the captain of her cheerleading team. Since then, she has competed in many mixed sports and just last year, trained for a 10k run and two half marathons. Other than being a mother, Lauren is the Vice President of People and Talent for a start up construction company focused on green technology. That is right, she clearly cannot stay away from seeking out mischief, even outside of work or on the rugby pitch. You came to the right team for mischief, Lauren, just ask Peewee. Her aspiration is to keep things simple by soaking up all the knowledge she can after scoring her first try in 2023.

Welcome to the Twilighters, Lauren

Woman of the Match : 1
2023 Zork Award
2023 George Cook Award
2023 Road Warrior