Mark Porter

Like several of his teammates, Mark’s adventures in rugby started in high school in London. There was a brief lull after high school and he once again picked it up at SFU when he first came to Canada in 2007/08. It was at his son’s junior rugby game that he met Tim. Tim persuaded Mark to come out and play some buggers on Wednesdays instead of just standing on the side lines. The rest they say is now history. Mark has been with the Twits for two years and will be switching to black shorts this season. He has learned to play every position (wing and flanker) Coach Peewee assigned him. It was only after TJ and Geddes realized Mark had an affinity for contact that he found his true position as hooker.

Off the field Mark is a structural engineer and he is the vice president of engineering at a start up manufacturing and construction company. Occasionally he will help out people with their reno’s as well.

On the field Mark is thoroughly enjoys playing hooker and is learning all the time. If he can be consistent, contribute and play to his best ability, he’ll be happy. One of his aspirations is to score a try some day. I’m sure under the watchful of Coach Peewee, that’ll happen sooner than you think.

Great to have you on the team, Mark.

Twits Man of the Match : 1
2023 George Cook Award