Jack Kawaguchi

The original “Older and Wiser” Guch joined the Twits many, many years ago. He started in 1996 and now represents the club in his purple shorts. Even though he considered himself a late bloomer he learned to play most of the back positions (can’t remember all of them). This included wing and even hooker when there was a no push scrum. Like the infamous Dave Irving, Jack has also learned to play for the other side. The Original Guch never played for any other team, since the Twits was the first team he found that did not require any experience. We can thank the younger Guch (Cory) for getting Jack to come out and join us.

Jack is a great club guy and supports the Twits as much as possible even though he is retired. He is a great chef (Probably the first Iron Chef) and has displayed many of his culinary talents in the past. During his time with the Twits, he has participated in the Nike’s Masters Tournament and was on tour with the Twits when they went to France and Japan. He intends to keep on playing as long as he’s still vertical and is able to enjoy a few beers with a GREAT bunch of guys.

His advice:

Just remember life is shorter than you think. Don’t sweat the small things and enjoy it. Remember, the grass is Only green on one side, so enjoy it playing the great game of rugby!!

Twits Man of the Match : 1
2023 George Cook Award