Doug Embury

Doug “the struggle snuggle” Embury has brought his considerable skills to the Twilighters for the last 3 years. Make that 2ish, as he was on the injury reserve list because of covid and an inflamed Achilles tendon the past few years. When he is healthy and can play for us, he wears his white shorts and plays mostly 8th man. In addition to playing for the Twits, he is also a member of the RRFC. It is rumoured that he is a beer sales rep, but he claims that he is paid for drinking beer. True story: When Doug was caught without his challenge coin, he paid up by bringing a cooler full of locally brewed beer to the next game. (Must have been four dozen beer on ice.) There must be some truth to that rumour. Doug’s ambition one day is to be the MVP of the RRFC at the young age of 38, but seriously, his true aspiration is to be a great dad and one day coach his children.

Welcome aboard, Doug.

2023 Hospital Award