Dave Irving


The legendary Dave Irving took up rugby at the tender age of 50 and has not looked back since. In his 15 years with the club, he assumed many executive positions. After his first 4 years, he was elected club president and continues to serve on the executive board as the person in charge of fixtures. One of his more memorable projects was creating a charcuterie board for the team on their Kelowna trip. Dave is also the vice president (in charge of scheduling) with the CMRU. During his stay with the Twits, Dave received numerous awards such as the Zork, Most Improved (x3), and 110%. This is quite impressive as Irving never played for any other clubs other than the Twits. In his flashy red shorts, he played almost every position except for 9 and 10. He claims to be retired and in his previous life he was a computer manager / analyst / programmer for Telus. Dave’s aspiration is quite simple, he just wants to keep taking the field and do what he can for the club, but upon further thought, he would like to play positions 9 and 10 before he is done. I think you would really enjoy positions 1, 2, and 3, Dave.

Thanks for all your hard work, Dave.

2023 No Hands Award