Brendan Davies

In 2019, the bearded speedster, Brendan “Fizzle” Davies, brought his skill set and white shorts to the Twilighters. This was just before the Covid epidemic hit and Fizzle became a regular during the past 3 years. He enjoys playing wing, but I am sure he can fill in where ever Coach Peewee needs him. Despite his impressive collection of jerseys, he only ever played for the BLRC. He lists his occupation as a sanitation engineer and has a second job as a garbage man because times are tough these days. Brendan’s greatest achievement was when he made it through a whole season once without blowing out his hamstring. However, he cannot quite remember when this happened so he could have imagined it. (Welcome to the club, Fizzle) Fake or real, it would be cool if he could do that again.

Quote: “As the saying goes, the older I get, the better I was.”

It is great to have you aboard, Brendan.