Steve Baron

Steve Baron is one of the most respected Twilighters in the past 4 decades. The Baron of Rugby joined the Twilighters 37 years ago and currently wear gold shorts. During his career he has filled in at wing, center, wing forward, number 8 and in the second row. When called upon, he did an out standing job as water boy. Steve’s playing resume is longer than a TVR timeout. He first started with the Ex-Gladstone/Red Lions, then moved on to St. Georges/London RFC, Balmy Beach RFC, Vancouver Trojans, Georgian RFC, Vancouver Trojan Old Boys, Burnaby Buffaloes RFC, MOB and Twilighters. In his spare time, he toured with the PNW over 50’s and the Pacific North West Old Growth. Other overseas teams such as the Cancer Research UK Crusaders and Scotland RFC have also enjoyed his services. Officially, Steve may be retired, but he considers himself an “Over75 International Player” who is looking for a final playing contract and the opportunity to join one more playing tour.

His achievements off the pitch is impressive as well. The Baron has served as the president of the Ex-Gladstone/Red Lions RFC, the Twlighters and the Pacific Northwest Over 40 Rugby Union. He is also the founder and CEO of the Pacific Northwest Over 40 Invitational Rugby Festival. (1990 to 2007). In 2007 Steven was named Twilighter of the Year by his fellow Twits.