Dustin Bourdeaud’huy


Although this is Dustin’s first year with the Twits, he came highly recommended from the Brit Lions. Al Pruden spoke highly of him but we welcomed him to the club anyway and did not hold it against him. While in his white shorts, he displayed numerous talents during the first half of the season. This may be first year with the Twits, but he is no rookie. Dusty has played flanker in the past but is willing to play where ever Coach/Manager Peewee tells him. His knowledge of the game is quite impressive as he already stepped in to referee a game at half time. Right now, he claims his occupation to be a dad and a Calvin Klein underwear model. He does admit that his portfolio is quite thin as he has yet to be picked up for a photo shoot. I hear they are still looking for the next James Bond. Perhaps that would be a good career move. His aspiration in life is to play to whatever age, Mr. Red Shorts, TJ is. So, Dusty will probably have grand children by then.

Welcome aboard, Dusty.

Twilighter Man of the Match : 1
2023 Lady Byng Award