Chris Beers

Chris brings a great deal of experience with him to the Twilighters. He has played 30 years for Great Torrington, starting in the mid 80’s and even had the opportunity to skipper and coach the home side. This is his third year with the Twits and he is still wearing his black shorts despite the years of rugby he has under his belt. Positions he has played includes 11, 12, 13 and 14. Chris lists his occupation as a Precision Engineer. (That is quite a precise description, Chris.) One of his greatest achievements was playing in a match back in 1995. His claim to fame was that he managed not to “knock on” the ball for the whole match. Of course, the weather was so bad, neither team passed the ball.
Always said I would never play for another team. If you cut me in half, it would say Great Torrington through the middle like a stick of rock.
Yet here I am with the Twits.
It is great to have you with us, Chris.