2022Nov06 v Northwest Old Boys (NOBS)

The game on Sunday can be described as a 4S game. It was snowy, slippery, sloppy, and slushy. (It was also freezing cold.) Nonetheless, the game did start on time thanks to the NOB’s making the perilous trip up the I-5. They had 18 hardy souls while we started with 25 Twits of our own. Jamie L. was the referee for the first half of the game and he would be relieved by Dustin B. in the second half. The field was deemed playable, but just barely.

The NOB’s kicked off to us and the weather took its toll. The play was very sloppy as there was slush covering most of the field and the ball as well. We finally were able to put several phases together and Dustin scored our first try despite the snow blowing in his face. Luke followed this up by scoring a try of his own when he outran the defenders from 40m out. We were not quite done yet. Jacques scored the final try of the first quarter. Moments later, Lauren missed a golden opportunity to score her first try of her young career. The ball slipped out of her hands just as she was rounding the corner with the field completely wide open in front of her. Score at the end of the first quarter, 3-0.

We started the second quarter where we left off in the first quarter. The play was still sloppy, but we were able to put several phases together and Dirk scored the next try. Dirk received the ball that bounced off his shoulder and head from Jacques. Much to the delight of his fans, he was able to maintain his concentration and hang on to the ball as he crossed the goal line untouched. Our forwards were able to control the scrum. We won the ball several times even though it was their put in. Big Eric picked up the ball and rumbled down field after knocking one of their players over. We worked the ball to the left side of the field where our veteran winger, Chuck, received the ball with the goal line within sight. Being the consummate team player that he is, he magnanimously flipped the ball to Rick so that Rick could experience the thrill of scoring. The harsh winter conditions continued to play havoc on the play but near the end of the quarter we punted the ball down the sideline. The soggy field conditions stopped the ball dead in its tracks. Instead of skipping out of bounds, the ball just laid there. Meanwhile Dirk sprinted 40m to the ball and scooped it up before the NOB winger could make his move. He then quickly tossed it to Irish who snatched it in midair and sprinted into the end zone for the final try of the half. Score at the end of the half: 6-0

The weather conditions did not improve in the second half. However, the NOB’s did get stronger as Jamie L. lent them his talents by donning a black jersey. Dustin graciously assumed his refereeing duties. Jamie’s play did make a difference as neither team could score. It was at this time that Handball completed his hat trick of bobbling the ball. Handball was able to recover the ball without dropping it and was called for a knock on only once. It was at this moment that the birthday boy, TJ yelled the infamous phrase: “Hang on to the ball Handball!” Our forwards once again were able to win the ball back and prevented the NOBs from scoring. The only injury in the game occurred when Luke experienced a case of hypothermia and was rushed to showers. Score at the end of the third quarter: 6-0

The snow finally let up in the fourth but it was still bitterly cold. Both teams continued to put their best foot forward, and the only try scored was by Jacques. The NOB’s certainly put up a valiant struggle but were unable to score. Both teams were glad to see the game come to an end and retreated to the warmth of the locker rooms.

It was not a great day for rugby, weather wise, but I am sure both teams were happy to have played. T.J. was selected MOM and other players that had strong games were Luke, Dirk, Dustin, Jacques, and Big Eric. Coach Peewee was pleased with the efforts of the entire team. We then quickly retreated to the warmth of the clubhouse and enjoyed a butter chicken/panera feast prepared by Iron Chef Evan and his crew. This was followed by TJ’s and Handball’s chocolate bday cakes.