2022Oct23 v Priest Valley Vicars

Under ideal weather conditions, the Vicars rode into town in their brand-new Jenner Mobile. They brought in twenty players and we had twenty-eight of our own. It was also nice to see close to 25 fans on the sideline. This was quite an important game as the Vicars came out on top the last time we played them. This was also an opportunity for Coach Peewee to gain bragging rights over the Vicars’ coach, Don Jenner. Don was a Twilighter for many years prior to his move to Kelowna. We knew this would be a challenging game as the boys and girl from Kelowna always played us tough. Preston was the referee and the kick off took place at one o’clock.

We kicked off to Kelowna and after a few exchanges, the Vicars put their game plan into action. Their big backs pounded the ball down the middle and after several phases, they ran it in from 40 meters out. As they were a very experienced team, we knew it could be a long afternoon. Luke kicked and chased the ball down field. We were able to maintain possession and after stringing a few phases of our own together, we were able to maul it into the endzone. Fittingly, Luke scored our first try. Prior to the end of the first quarter, Lolly made a try saving tackle which allowed the score to remain one to one.

The second quarter started like the first. Kelowna controlled the ball and pounded it down the field. Off a set play from a penalty, the Vicars ran it in for their second try and the lead. Not to be outdone, Jacky stole the ball for the Twilighters and glided into the endzone for his first try. Minutes later Jacky was able to duplicate this feat and scored his second try from 30 metres out. Despite the Twits’ sudden success, the Vicars buckled down and amped up their intensity. They knocked over several Twits rumbling down the field and sent Lolly off with a cut on her nose. (Hopefully, it’s not broken, we wouldn’t want her to end her modelling career.) It was also at this time, Dustin and one of the Vicars decided to have a discussion about one of the laws of rugby. Dustin was able to convince him to see it his way. Back to the play on the field. The Vicars’ determination paid off as they scored again off a penalty. The score was now 3-3. Prior to the end of the half, Lance made a spectacular run down the field. Although he was not able to score, he created a scrum for the Twits which eventually enabled Jacque to score his try. The score at half time was Twits 4 and Vicars 3.

The beginning of the second half was a defensive struggle, with the Twits doing most of the defending. The K-town Vicars kept on pressing and were in the Twits’ end of the field for most of the quarter. Led by Falkey’s and Lolly’s ferocious tackling we were able to keep them out of the endzone. Rick B. chipped in with three try saving tackles of his own. The Vicars closed in from the 5 metre line, but were unable to hit pay dirt. The Twits’ defense bent but never broke and thanks to a few timely obstruction penalties, we were able to maintain our one try lead. We finally received a break when the ball popped up during a scramble and landed fortuitously into Lance hands. With the Vicars caught off guard, Lance was able to race 70m into the endzone, making the score 5-3 for the Twits. The only casualty in the 3rd quarter was when Moose had to pull himself out of the game because of leg cramps. It was rumoured he had to save himself for other more important nocturnal activities.

Lance’s last try seemed to knock the wind out of the Vicars’ sail in the last quarter. We were able to establish a decent field position and string several phases together. The play of the day occurred when Lance made a no look behind the back pass just as he was about to be tackled. It landed in Jacky’s hands once again and he raced in for his third try. Lance and Jacky moved the ball down the field and scored again a few minutes later. The only issue they had was trying to decide who would touch the ball down, as they kept on passing the ball back and forth like a hot potato. I believe Lance took the honours and touched the ball down. The Vicars never did give up as they scored the final try of the game. When the dust settled it was Twits 7 and Vicars 4.

The game could have bounced either way, but we were content with the win. The Vicars must be congratulated for the teamwork, skill, and fitness they showed. We look forward to the return match in Kelowna in the Spring. Lolly was selected MOM by the Twilighters and Jacky was named MOM by the Vicars. Other players that had great games were Falkey, Lance, Luke, Cory, Rick, Dustin, and Al. Coach Peewee was so excited he almost was at a loss for words, but he did congratulate the entire team for a fine performance.

“King for the Day”  Happy Birthday, Mark!