2022 President’s Night (Awards Night)

The President’s Night celebration last Saturday  marked the end of the 2021-2022 season.  Despite the uncertainty caused by COVID, we had a very successful season.  We look forward to the beginning of the 2022-2023 season which will start near the end of August.  

Final Kudos for 2022

Thanks are in order to:

  • Al Pruden, Laura Harmse, Sean O’Callaghan, Rick Berg, and Rob Rumley for setting up the tables for President’s Night
  • Malcolm Solway for organizing another sumptuous meal.
  • David Lee for presenting a “Year in Review” slide show during President’s Night
  • Dale Taylor for generously donating a bottle of rum for our door prize at President’s Night
  • Al Pruden, Laura Harmse, Sean O’Callaghan, Rick Berg, Rob Rumley, Dave Irving , Gary Read, Trevor Johnson and Chuck Jung for presenting the awards at President’s Night. Every speech was well thought out, poignant and very fitting.  Great job, everyone.

President’s Night  Recap

President’s Night last Saturday gave our Twits the opportunity to show off their finest threads.  I could have sworn I saw James Bond make two appearances in his tuxedo Saturday Night.   They looked quite dashing and ready to receive an award for any other kind of danger.  After a scrumptious dinner catered by Sugar Mountain, we sat back and listened to the awards presentation. Everyone presenting an award did a splendid job.  They were witty and captured the spirit of the moment perfectly. 

Awards winners:

Shape AwardGarnet GraceyScooter AwardLuke Barlow
Hospital AwardGordon ClarkePerseverance AwardTrevor Johnston
Lady ByngAllen PrudenZork AwardLance Davison
Poker AwardJamie LondonNo Hand AwardTim Smith
Ollie BarneyErich FelkenhagenMost ImprovedRussell Weeks
Rookie AwardDale Taylor110% AwardLaura Harmse
Late AwardDon RankinRoad WarriorsVarious Members

Twilighter of the Year Award :    Trevor Johnston

Immediately after the presentation of the awards,  we were treated to an impressive performance by Elvis impersonator,  Elvis Aaron Wong.  All in all, it was a great night for everyone there.

Event photos available Here