2022May15 v. Vancouver Rogues

The day started with torrential rainfall and we weren’t sure whether or not it would ever stop.  It didn’t, it rained the entire game.   Nevertheless, both Twits and Rogues showed up to the field ready to play.  By the start of the game, 25 players in blue and white were set, while the Rogues answered with close to 18 of their own.  Both sides had many spectators dotting the side lines in anticipation of a great match.  They were not disappointed.  A point of clarification:  the Rogues are a third division team that have improved immensely since the beginning of the season.  Apparently, they defeated Abbotsford’s thirds in the past few weeks and since there is no age limit for third division players, Coach Peewee wisely added a few younger players to our roster.

The Rogues kicked off the game and we managed to maintain possession of the ball, but unfortunately, we had numerous knock on’s and turned the ball over way too often.  It was a tight game until one of their forwards broke free and rumbled 35 metres toward our goaline.  Just as he was about to cross over into touch, Rick B. caught up to him and tackled him at the half metre line, thus keeping the game scoreless.   Despite our efforts, the Rogues did score three minutes later and led 1-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Our hands must have been drier during the second quarter.  There were fewer fumbles and Evan L. had a great carry for 15 metres.   We strung 8 plays together and finished it off when Tyson J. (TJ’s offspring) sprinted around their wing and into their end zone.  TJ made many crunching tackles during the second quarter.  That’s what happens when you have your sons playing on the same team as you.  The half ended in a tie, 1 to 1.

We never let up in the 3rd quarter.  Lolly sacrificed her body and made several tackles which kept them off the scoreboard.  We made fewer mistakes and after a series of 6 plays, Dirk raced around their wing and scored his first try as a Twilighter.  The lead was short lived as the Rogues later crossed the goal line again to even the score.   The third quarter, like the first half, ended in a draw.

Finally in the 4th quarter we broke through and scored the final two tries.  Using his  speed that only comes with youth, Zeke R. scored our third try and minutes later Lyndon D. hammered the final nail in the coffin when he scored our fourth try.  The game ended 4-2 for the Twits, but the Rogues had a very impressive showing and acquitted themselves very well.

The Twit’s MOM of the match went to TJ and the Rogues selected Lolly as their MOM.  Coach Peewee wisely awarded the MOM to their entire team.  One play by Lyndon is worth mentioning. I never saw anyone make 5 tackles in a span of 20 seconds.  He stymied the other team’s offense and I guess we’ll have to wait a few years before he can officially join us.  Both teams then enjoyed gourmet hamburgers and potato salad that were prepared by Iron Chef Rob Buchko.  Despite the weather conditions, it was a great day for rugby.