2022 Reverse Draw / Ladies Night Dinner

It was a great night that did not disappoint.  The food was fantastic, the draw kept everyone on the edge of their seats and the company was terrific.  Photo from the even can be found in the Photos section.  Now for some of the results.  The last five names drawn were:

5th Dirk
4th Nightmare (Keith)
3rd Trevor Jones
2nd Tim Smith
1st Dale Taylor (Winner)

If you notice, Dale won the draw last year and he won the $1,000 first prize.  Because he was not in attendance due to another engagement, the finalists could not share the prize money so all $1,000 goes to Dale.  The odds of winning the reverse draw two years in a row is 1:30,250!!  Perhaps Dale should start buying lottery tickets on behalf of the club.  Peewee was wise enough to bet on Dale in the Calcutta and took home that pot.  Jamie London won the $100 gift certificate and Kelly won the opportunity to win $180,000 in the door prize raffle.

The fabulous buffet consisted of:

Tuscan bruschetta salad with garden vegetables,
Salad Nicoise with tuna.

Grilled chicken breast with portobello mushroom-bacon fricassee.
AAA-New York striploin 
Baked maple glazed wild BC sockeye salmon fillets.
Penne alla carbonara.
Grilled summer vegetables.

Assorted mini-Italian pastries & Sicilian cannoli

Thank you’s are in order for:

Malcolm for organizing and overseeing our Reverse Draw/Ladies Night last Saturday.  It was an amazing event and helped raise funds for our club and celebrate the support given to us by our better halves.

Jack, TJ, and Sandy G. for coming in late Thursday night to help set up the tables for our RD/LN

Rick B., Handball and Lolly for their assistance in checking the guest lists, selling the extra draw tickets and operating the wheel of fortune.

Doug B. for keeping track of our winners and losers.

Steve B., Kristy, and Lesley for selling the raffle tickets and donating a case of beer.

Big Nick for announcing the winners and losers.

Jamie London for conducting the Calcutta which Peewee finally won.

Evan for using his charm when distributing chocolate roses to our ladies.

Greg G. for his generous donation of prizes for our reverse draw.

The group of individuals who stayed late to help with the cleanup.  Your services were greatly appreciated.  (Didn’t name them because I didn’t want to leave anyone out, but you know who you are.)