2022Apr24 v. Priest Valley Vicars

Amazingly, the chartered bus left the clubhouse on time and picked up passengers at the 232 exit and the Mt. Lehman exit.  Once the last passenger was picked up, the Kangaroo Court started on schedule.  Prosecutor Malcolm did an articulate job of prosecuting the accused, while Public Defender, Chuck, used every trick in the book to try and obtain a not guilty verdict for his clients.  Judge Nick fulfilled his role by adjudicating each case in a Solomon like manner and  Bailiffs Craig and Falky kept the onlookers on their best behaviour.  (Verdicts are presented here)  This went on for over an hour and fortunately it came to an end by the time we reached Merritt for breakfast.

We impressed the Vicars when we showed up at the field several hours later with 33 players and half a dozen fans.  Nardo, JR and Adam met the team at the pitch.  We did not have the best of starts, the Vicars scored two unanswered tries before we were able to settle down. The second quarter was where we picked it up.  We controlled the play and Lance scored a try and cut the margin in half.  Unfortunately, the Vicars scored another 2 and made the score 4-1 at the beginning of the 3rd quarter.  Craig scored to cut the margin in half again but we gave up another 2 in the final quarter.  Near the end of the game, Ted rumbled toward the goal line and was stopped, but Adam finished the drive and carried it into the end zone.  Final score was 6-3 for the Vicars.

The match was a lot closer than indicated by the score.  The Vicars were full value for their victory but The Twits never gave up and always felt they were on the verge of making a comeback.  Man of the Match went to Falky, our new stud, and the Twit’s MOM was Cory K.  Honourable mention goes to Anton S, for never having  a hair out of place before, during and after the game.  Play of the day goes to Dave Irving for making a spectacular over the shoulder catch and after regaining his senses, made an impressive run down the field.  His glory was short lived, as the referee castigated him mercilessly for pushing a lady from the back minutes later.

Despite the loss, it was a great game of rugby and the day got even better when the team enjoyed Dave Charcuterie Board at the rest stop on the way home.  Dave’s charcuterie Board would put any delicatessen to shame.  Well done, everyone. 

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