Masters Rugby advert @Canada 7s

This year at the 2022 Canada 7’s the 10 teams of the Cascadia Masters Rugby Union put together a 30second advert which played on the Jumbotron.

Its not about old men & women playing soft rugby. They play, tackle, and fight for every ball just as hard as when they were in their prime.

Don’t call them old-timers, because they are still sharp-witted. Check out these one-liners which describe their love and reason to continue to play rugby well into the Twilight.

  • “Come out and pass the ball, don’t pass on life.”
  • "Rugby - A better excuse to doing fitness than mowing the lawn."
  • “Rugby passes backwards, but it will lift your life by forwards.”
  • “Don’t run without a direction in life. Pick up a rugby ball and run to score a try”.
  • “You might regret a lot of things in you life, but you’ll never regret rekindling your nostalgic love for playing team sport.”
  • "We are a team on the pitch, and a family of misfits off the field."
  • "Old boys rugby, a real reason to complain about aches and pains."


Video produced by PJ Aucoin