2022April03 v. SOBs

We were playing SOBs in South Surrey Sunday. Seems like it is never warm or not windy when we are there and conditions did not disappoint. SOBs took wind at their back to start and seemed to have a game plan to kick and we gave them a number of opportunities to do that with some passes going to ground in their half. But we pushed them back with solid ball carrying by the forwards. But then a turnover and SOBs got lose on the far side of the field for a 70 yard run to take first blood.  Rick Sidhu got that back for us before the end of the first quarter with a pileup at the goalline. 

Second quarter and SOBs got another long breakout and then scored one of a series of plays. Referee told us before the game he would be calling the offsides and he stuck to it. A number were called until adjustments were made. All in all he did a good job managing the game. Into the half we were down 3-1 but now we had the wind at our back for the rest of the game and took advantage.  Guch was kicking for distance and we were pinning them back. Ultimately the forwards pushed on in with Falkie getting the put-down. Now you could feel the momentum swing. The backs defence stiffened and there were no more breakouts. Falkie got another to pull us even going into the last quarter.

So into the last quarter and its tied. Our forwards were having a great game. They were outweighed(SOBs had a 300 lb hook and like sized props and didn’t win all the scrums but they were moving the ball with authority. With Falkey, Ted and Doug being the go to guys. We had a glorious chance to take the lead but Tim got a bit distracted by the huge open space between him and the goalline 10 yards away. But eventually Anthony got through to give us the lead and the game.

Lolly had a great game at flanker and was awarded person-of-the-match. 

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