Malcolm Solway

One of our more verteran members started his rugby career across the pond when he was a mere lad of 13 years.  His school offered two sports, rugby and soccer and although he did try out for the soccer team, he knew the writing was on the wall when the kid with polio was picked before him.  Since he could not kick a ball to save his life, he opted for rugby.  After a stellar school career, Malcom continued his play with the AEC, the GWR, the British Army Rugby Team and  the Northolt RFC.  In 1998, while on tour with the Metropolitan Police 5 TSG (Technical Support Group and Lincolnshire Police), he met his ex-wife in Vancouver.

Malcolm hopped across the pond in 2000 and started to play for the Twits in 2001/02.  At times he filled in as a second row, #8 and when necessary, flanker.  He prefers to wear black shorts, but he does qualify for red shorts as he will be 64 this year.  Due to the Covid pandemic and a chronic knee injury, Malcolm was unable to display his talents for a few seasons.  He hopes to make his comeback next season.  In the meantime he works as a construction safety officer and first aid attendant. 

Some of his achievements include serving as the club’s treasurer and being part of the club executive for the past 6 or 7 years.  Other accomplishments include playing for the Middlesex County Rugby (2 games), the Wasp RFC 2nd team, and the London Irish Saracens before the club became professional.  Malcolm’s most famous claim to fame was when he was erroneously identified as an Alcatraz inmate when the Twits were on their California tour.

Malcolm (L) & Chuck