Dale Taylor

Dale, otherwise known as Mr. Delightful, started his soon to be legendary career with the Twilighters. He brought his black shorts to the Twits two years ago, just before the pandemic erupted.  Although Dale never played the game, he picked up a great deal of experience watching 5 out of his 6 kids play for the Bruins and United.  Since that time, he’s learned to play wing and full back, under the watchful eye of Coach Peewee.   In order to support Team Taylor, Mr. Delightful works as a customs broker for FedEx Express.  He always aspired to be a phenomenal cricket player, but since that didn’t work out, the Twits are happy to have him. Being a Good ole’ prairie boy, he played hockey, baseball and football as a youth.  Dale is now honing his skills to play the best game on earth at the ripe age of 50.  He would like everyone to know…

“Knowing fuck all about rugby I am here to play and have epic times on and especially off the field!  It has not disappointed in the least.”

One last comment, Mr. Delightful is a great club guy.  At the last reverse draw, he and Rick Berg donated over $600 of their winnings back to the club. Dale also provided terrific hot beef sandwiches for a post game hosting and has found time to serve as a director on the executive.

Twits Man of the Match : 1
2022 Rookie of the Year Award