Sean “Irish” O’Callaghan


Irish brings plenty of experience to the Twilighters.  In the past, some of the teams he played for are Pocomo RFC, United RFC, Valley Venom RFC,  and Portadown RFC.  While playing for the Valley Venom, he won two Canadian championships.  Coach Peewee must have emptied the bank signing him to play for the Twits.  Despite all his successes, Sean remains the consummate team player.  He usually plays in the front row, but  will fill in wherever Coach Peewee needs him.  This is the first year Irish has played for the Twits and at times he may be wearing white shorts or black shorts.  It all depends on what TJ gives him on game day.  In his real life, he is a professional seller of dreams.  (You have to figure that out yourself, but it has something to do with a forklift)  It was rumored that Irish was next in line to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.