George Cook

Lifetime member,  George, cut his teeth in rugby with the Twilighters in 1979.  Never having played before, Cookie felt he was a natural winger.  Unfortunately,  his 250 pounds of solid muscle told him otherwise.  He quickly learned the positions of second and front row and at times filled in as flanker.  Although he should have been wearing yellow/purple shorts, George was always a black shorts guy at heart.  After 38 years, he officially retired from the pitch in 2017.   George contributed to the Twilighters in many ways.  He was president of the club for two terms and headed up the cooking crew for all the events.  Cookie is still involved with many of the social events and can be seen at the clubhouse on Wednesdays and Sundays.   His position in sales has allowed him to be very generous with donations to the club’s fundraising events.  He feels that any day you wake up on top of the grass is a good day.

Rick & George (R)