2021November28 v. SOBs

It was a wet blustery day at the Burnaby Lake Rugby Fields, rain was light, grounds were good and sloppy. Our trainer face planted in the mud whilst carrying the team gear to the field – no one was safe from the mud. By

The home team Twilighters fielded nearly 30 strong, whilst the SOBs brought about 20, supplemented by Abby and RRFC members. This matched was graced by officiating guru Jamie Levchuk.

First quarter saw some cold hands on both sides with knock-ons being called. The first of many scrums went to the Twits, and it was an easy out to the backs, and Lance going off on a quick break thru. However, one bad pass was intercepted by the SOBs only to be tracked down by Steve Bal for the cut-down tackle.

The SOBs were fighting hard on counter rucks , but a quick out to speedster Luke Barlow and he was  off to the races into the corner for the try. (1-0)

With a couple of wheeling scrums, SOB tried a quick and out, but was taken into touch. The Lineout for the Twits didn’t go as planned, with the ball slipping thru Ian’s hand, but was captured by Laura Harmse, quickly spun out and Lance Davison charged to another Twits try. (2-0)

Second quarter saw the return of Cory Turkington to the Twits lineup. SOBs were trying hard to move the ball down field with kicks into the corners, but the Twits charged the ball down and did not give an inch.

Following an SOB scrum at midfield, Rick Berg caught an interception and another Twits try. (3-0)

After halftime, it was quick play on both sides, with SOB picking out the ball, spinning it out to the wing outnumbering the Twits to score their first try. (3-1)

SOBs Nathalie (Abby) in her red shorts pestered the Twits all over the field. But the Twits preserved of a lineout to Trevor Flynn, and ended with a try from Rick Sidhu. (4-1)

After 2 red-shorted SOBs continuously blocked of part of the field, Lance advanced the ball by kicking it towards the goal line. Lance put the chase on and fought off the SOB for another Twit try. (5-1)

The final quarter saw the play go back and forth. But great runs and counter rucks setup for an SOB scrum near centre. Twits forwards pushed the SOBs over to recover the ball, and after a series of runs led to a final Twits try by Cory Turkington. (6-1)

Game ends as the clouds begin to weep for the SOBs.

Twits internal Man-of-the-match honours went to Steven Bal.

Just prior to a wonderful Spaghetti & Meatball meal prepared by Gordon Clarke, Peewee graced us all with displaying the Narod Cup. The Twits lead the home & home series 6-1, and the counter match will be played April 2022.

Twilighters named SOBs David Narod (son of Dr. Philip Narod (Doc)) with man- of-the-match honours, while SOBs named Twits Luke Barlow. In the end, Twits (Luke) won the boat race.

This marks the last match of the first half of the season as we head into the winter break. Next match is Feb 2022 in Cowichan.