2021November21 v. SnoCaps

We were away to Klahanie on Sunday(Snocaps). Their field had survived the deluge but unfortunately one of their players was caught in the mudslide on Duffy Lake Road and perished. A moment of silence was observed before the match.

Twits received on the kickoff and held ball control for quite a while but didn’t get much penetration. Barely breaking past the mid line. Then a poor kick by baller to their open side winger put snocaps in good field position. But Steve redeemed himself jumping on a loose to get the ball back. Then Remie tried a ‘Boom Boom’(from the Nardo days) yelling at Dale a number of times before kicking it over. Dale had no idea what was being asked of him and so Snocaps got possession on about our 22 and managed to push it in to score first. They scored again to get up 2-0 after the first quarter. It was a no-push scrum since Caps didn’t have a trained front row so no pressure on the scrum half so it was with some dismay that we watched Remie bounce the ball off the 10’s back as he was discussing what play to run with the 12. Apparently there was some drinking being done in the prior days or in Lance’s part the prior hours. First quarter was a shit-show. A gentle discussion on the pro’s and con’s of kicking in old boys ensued during the break with some guidance to ‘shut the fuck up and play’.

Second quarter and Luke broke it loose down the left side to get us back in the game. There was far less yapping on the field now and the boys got down to business.  With the no-push scrum Snocaps had one of their fatties out running outside center. It was mostly gang tackling to bring him down but Baller committed and took him down a few times as well as Frizzle. Lance or maybe Doug(there was a lot of drinking involved post game that continued into the parking lot until late so this report may not be as accurate as usual) got us even and we carried that into the half. 

Third quarter we busted it open for 3 more. Remie redeemed himself diving over the top to score. Luke got another on a lovely that got 3 Snocaps to shift and opened up an alley to the goal line. Gordie managed to chase down one the caps winger who had busted through Berg and shove him out to keep them off the scoreboard in the third. Doug was doing what he does and busted through a bunch of tackles ending up with 2 tries.  Luke was running miles and taking a few high tackles – he’ll be hurting tomorrow.

Fourth quarter and Snocaps got a kickoff back and got some life. They pushed in for a try to get it back to 5-3 but Doug countered. Their red shorts saved Luke from his third try and thus having to buy beer. So Doug, and Luke with two each and Remie with one. Final 6-3 Twits.