2021October24 v. Priest Valley Vicars

Priest Valley made the long haul down from Kelowna Sunday. Showing up with a strong side numbering over 20. Twits fields probably 30. Vicars received and held the ball for a good 5 minutes without the Twits getting a touch. They eventually moved it down as far as the 5 metre line when Falkey got a timely touch and took it back to the other side of center. The struggle continued for the first quarter with no one able to capitalize.

Into the second quarter and Vicars pushed down to our 10 before finally breaking through for the first try of the game.  Credit to them they were moving the ball well and keeping their turnovers to a minimum. Twits were having trouble spinning it out with Lance suffering some stone hands. But eventually we moved it in to about the 10 metre line and Dale in from fullback picked up a shoestring pass and sliced the line to get us even.  But Vicars kept pressing and moved it up the field to  our 5 but Lance interceded with a steal and took it the length of the field to put Twits ahead 2-1 going into the half. 

 Both sides had some speedsters. Vicars were actually able to run down Ian ‘The Stick’ after Lance put him through blindside. Blair from the Vicars is generally our nemesis but he was contained this game. The pack was doing well on the lineouts and containing the run. A few Vicars pinballed but were eventually pulled down. We faced a couple dangerous overlaps but Vicars either didn’t utilize them and crashed or the backs managed to swarm back in time. Both sides got their chances but were contained through the 3rd quarter and then the fourth.  Unusually 3 of the 4 quarters had no scoring despite strong play by both sides. Final 2-1 Twits.