2021October17 v. EbbTide

The weather gods relented on Sunday and paused the atmospheric river long enough for the Twits to take to Field 2 for our first tilt against the Ebb Tide of Victoria.

A last minute change in refereeing saw Keller Reeves step in to officiate.

The Ebb Tide showed up with a veritable rainbow of coloured shorts in their 20+ player lineup.

We fielded a strong side seeing some playing in new positions and our senior member Jack  taking to the pitch in Purple-ish shorts. Tho he didn’t get much ball it was great having him on the fun side of the touch line! 

Twits received for the first half with Al Pruden having to take chase of a bad bounce that got behind him for a short time. Al quickly gathered up the ball and took it into hard contact just over the centreline to set the first ruck.

The first try was taken in by Geddes after a sweet pass from TJ putting the Twits first on the score sheet.

Both teams shared possession in strong back and forth play that saw good scrum work from our side.  

Falky struggled with knock ons and was not able to pass the ball on a few 2 and 3 v 1 situations blaming “tunnel vision” instead of just admitting his mistakes.

The second try was also in favour of the Twits when Lance found open field for a 40 yard run.

The second half saw Fizzle giving chase to the Ebb’s winger who was on what looked like their first scoring chance.  He hauled down the speedy lad just before the 22 and set up a Twilighters line out.  

Line outs were well handled by Ian and Lolly with strong boosting from Geddes, Al, Gord and Doug.  Luke had an outstanding game at fly half.

Our third try came from Doug Embry who was able to score after running nearly the full length of the field.  A chance at a fourth try was thwarted when Newf channeled his inner Falky and bobbled the ball in the end zone after a tackle. 

Ebb Tide tried to use their kaleidoscope of red and yellow shorts to break up the physical play and slow our advantage.   It was of little success as we were able to quickly reset and get the ball moving again.

Play ended with the home team victorious, 4-0.

Change room MOM was awarded to Falky for his near stone-like hands. 

The Twilighters were resplendent in their club ties for the after game meal and festivities.  

Lance was chosen as Man Of the Match by the Ebb Tide skipper while we gave the nod to their Captain, Paul.  

We feasted on butter chicken, rice and lentils prepared by Evan and his wife and enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Handball Dave for his sideline help.