Celebration of Life 2021

The Celebration of Life took place last Friday at the Clubhouse.  We celebrated the lives of nine Twilighters with family members and friends.  It was well attended and the speeches were enjoyed by all.  We would like to thank Sandy Gerhardt and Michelle Mackenzie for all their help with the operation of the clubhouse.  Further thanks are in order to John Bevilacqua, Trevor Jones, Jack Kawaguchi, Chris Patterson, Doreen Jung and Lena Jung for setting up and serving the refreshments.  A special thank you is also in order to Chuck Jung, Gary Cartwright, Glen Beauchamp, George Cook, Matt Christie, Steve Baron, John Lucas, Gary Read and Ted Jung for sharing their stories of the celebrants and to Jamie London for donating the sandwiches and Dave Carmichael for his Nanaimo Bars.  

Wally LorzJack FordPeter Popovich
Roger BuddyBrian CaranoGerry Taylor
John BartonDave MercierPhil Sullivan