2021September12 v. Justice RFC

Just before presenting the Irving Report, thanks are in order to the following members: Iron Chef Jack Kawaguichi, George Cook, Chuck Jung, Dave Irving (the pickle man) and Deryck Lafortune for preparing the food for our hosting.  Thanks also goes out to Rick Sidhu and Mark Porter for collecting the money for our bottle draw, which Steve Baron won.  And finally, to Laura Harmse, Rick Berg, Dale Taylor, Tim Smith and Dave Lee for serving the food and cleaning up.   Your efforts made hosting a success and are certainly appreciated.  Now the Irving Report:

We finally returned to the pitch on Sunday with the used to be annual match against Justice.  Both teams showed up with ample numbers. We could have had two games.  Justice only had one suitable prop so Irish volunteered to go over so we could have a push scrum.

We kicked off at Pastie who predictably knocked it on. Play ensued with a lot of sloppy rucks with hands in and over the top. We lost a lot of ball we shouldn’t have. I’m pretty sure that will be addressed next practice. We got down close and lost the ball. Their fleet of foot number 11(rumour was he played for team Canada) got free for a long run. I think he actually ended up with 2 of their tries.

Simon went down with ribs and coach Peewee’s  always sympathetic response was ‘Ben you’re standoff’. Garth then tried to track down a kick but failed to see the justice guy leaping for it and so ran into knees. But too tough or dumb to come off, stayed in. 

We were down 2-0 or maybe even 3-0 before the tide started turning. Rick Sidhu with his first game since high-school had a couple long runs and eventually scored off the wing on a short run after a long goal line stand by justice but TJ got out and drew the defenders and set him up beautifully from the 2-yard line.  TJ’s 2 sons got to draw in the final quarter to play with their dad and the one on the wing got the try to tie it up.

We got down to the final series and we had the ball. It got spun out to me and playing in red shorts I went into contact then I think Cory T ripped it off me but somehow it ended up on the ground so I dove on it and they wouldn’t let me get up which caused a whole lot of yelling and discussion of my mother’s sexual preferences, etc. Eventually the ref had enough and called it. Tie game