2022Apr10 v. SnowCaps

It was a blustery morning prior to the start of the game.  As the team was warming up, it got colder and began to hail.  Since hail storms don’t usually last that long, we were relieved when it blew over.   Unfortunately, it started to hail again five minutes later. Was this a harbinger of things to come? We would not see the sun until the game was over.  

Nevertheless, the game started.  The Twits kicked off with close to 30 players on our roster while the Snowcaps answered with 15 of their own.  We loaned them Evan Lewis, Garnett Gracey and Lance’s new recruit, Uriah, since their front row did not make it to the park in time.    As expected, play was very sloppy due to the wet playing conditions.  Both sides had difficulties advancing the ball, but the Twit’s defence was stellar and controlled most of the play.  

Preston eventually scrambled in from the 40m line to put the Twits up by one.  Despite continually knock ons and fumbles we managed to score twice prior to the end of the half.  I believe Preston picked up another one and Luke scored one as well.  Conditions improved in the second half and we were able to score another pair.   Doug scored one and Rick S. took a brilliant pass from Anthony and out ran their winger from 50 m out.  Prior to crossing the touch line, Rick handed the ball over to Preston so that he could complete his hat trick.  (It was rumored that scoring a hat trick requires the scoring-Twit to buy a round of drinks for the team)

Final score was 5-0.

In the postgame interview, Coach Peewee announced that everyone played well and the entire team gave 100%.  Falkey was named Man of the Match by the Twits and by the Snowcaps despite his five knock-ons and fumbles.  Other players that had outstanding games were Cory at scrum half and Laura at flank.  The two red short Jung brothers made their debut at flank and managed to confuse the other team and themselves.  TJ was also playing well until he threw his back out.  (Must be an age thing)

Iron Chef Rob B.  provided the fabulous chili for the after game hosting and it was a great day all around.  A final thanks to Evan, Garnett and Uriah for stepping up and volunteering to play for the Snowcaps.

See the Photos section for game day images.