David Lee

Handball Dave hails from the land of Dragons and is of Peruvian descent. Dave was recruited by Lolly, and joined the Twits in the Fall of 2019 playing in the front row in his white shorts, having not played rugby since secondary school.  He aspires to continue to learn the details of rugby, and to continue to contribute to the team as we grow older together. 

Dave gets his Handball moniker from his long 30+yrs service career to the sport of Olympic Team Handball, where he currently serves as the President of Handball Canada, and as an internationally licensed technical official representing Canada. Prior to joining the Canadian Handball ranks in 2009, Dave played semi-professional Handball in Germany and Switzerland, while earning his Dr. Sc (PhD) in Chemical Physics from ETH Zürich. 

Handball achievements:
– playing for Great Britain in 2004 European Olympic Qualifications.
– as a technical coach for Team GB during the 2012 London Olympics;
– Coaching staff for the Canadian Youth National Team at the 2019 World Championships. 

When not sporting, Dave presently serves as a research physicist for Johnson & Johnson, and is based at SFU where he is also hired as instructional technical staff to teach the 4th year Advanced Physics Laboratory course.

Although “Handball” sounds like he just escaped from the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” he has put his many skills to good use. Dave has made numerous cash donations to the club, brought his amazing baked ziti for post game hosting and helped out with the taping & medical services at our Sunday matches.  He is now used his technical skills to update the Twilighter Website which has been dormant for over 4 years.