Allen Pruden

Al has officially played for the Twilighters for one year.  Unofficially, it’s three years if you consider the years he put in as a whore.  (We don’t recognize whores, Al, only sluts) Regardless, it’s great to have him on board.   His previous clubs include the Brit Lions, the Prince Rupert Seamen, and the Flatliners Paramedic RFC.  Even with his vast playing experience, Al is still young enough to wear white shorts.  One of his greatest achievements was representing Canada at the Heineken 7’s Tournament in 1999.  His mysterious occupation can only be described as being a “Hero”.   Who knows how many  lives he saved, but he still makes time to serve as a director on the Twilighters’ executive.   Al’s ultimate aspiration in life is to one day wear the sweet purple shorts for the Twits.  A most noble goal, Al.

Irish & Al (R)